Guide for Building in Fortnite PVE (Work in Progress)

Hey, I am aeonra I play this game since summer 2017, more or less frequently. I like the defense part of it. However, I have too much with numbers to do in my real life, so this wiki is less about numbers, more about over all experience, knowledge and fun. If you are looking for the numbers part I recommend checking on Whitesushis Spread Sheet and .

Something missing / wrong? Let me know! (If a reference is missing let me know too).

Husks Pathing

To understand the building techniques, it is crucial to understand how husks find their way and how they react to certain situations. Husks always charge for the main objective as long as there is no player right next to them. They will always take the shortest but less hurting way towards the objective. Basic rules are as followed:

  • Husks will rather walk down a ramp than fall off a cliff, because falling off a high cliff will hurt them. If the way around is too long they will still drop off the cliff.
  • Husks will always take the shortest way towards the main objective, but they will take the time for tearing down walls in their way into their calculating. So, if it takes longer to tear all the ways in the way down, then walk around them, they will most likely walk around them. If it takes less time to tear down the wall, they will most likely tear down the wall instead of walking around it. Basic rule here is to Build Blocking walls not longer than 3 Tiles, after this the husks will most likely tear the walls down instead of going to the next funnel entry.
  • Weakened Walls on the objective or on funnels are always preferred by the husks, so heal them or use this behavior to funnel them more through your traps.
  • Husks will walk, where you can walk through. If you have to jump, they will walk around or destroy the object (Crucial if you build close to steps / rivers / lakes, because placing a floor can result in blocking the husks path, so they start tearing it down instead.
  • Lakes slows husks, so they will most likely run around on the outside instead of walk through it in a straight line (because it takes them longer going through the middle than walking around).
  • Husks can block themselves, which leads them into tearing stuff down. So, make sure to thin huge groups out before they enter a narrow funnel (Either by damage traps or by launchers in pushing some of them back or freeze traps). Especially Propane’s tend to drop their propane, when they get blocked by a bulk of husks.

Basics about Walls, Floors, Ceilings

The Building Parts have different Health. A Full Wall has higher Health than a half wall. Husks will go for the section with the lowest Health. You can find the complete information about which shape has how much Health in Whitesushis Spreadsheet (here).

You can build a strong Wall defense within just one Tile, by Placing two walls and a Balcony (edited Floor tile). With this, husks will have to destroy three walls. A lot of people use the balconies as second Wall. However, the Balcony won’t connect to the next tile and therefore can limit the effects of a Constructors Base.

As soon as you enter Canny Valley you will have elemental husks charging at you builds frequently. Each Wall type is vulnerable against one element. Here a short list according to Whitesushis spreadsheet:

Wooden Tiles = Weak against Fire
Stone Tiles = Weak against Water
Steel Tiles = Weak against Nature

Since the announcing of what sort of element will spawn comes up very late it is helpful to build with different types of building materials. Also, please always think about the surrounding area. Building in Steel only on a forest map is not very helpful if you cannot provide enough steel to upgrade everything.

Basics about Traps and their combination

A lot of Builds relay on a certain trap combination so it is good to know what combinations of traps work great together. Since traps do no longer ignite the propane Husks you are free to use them all. However especially in higher levels you will need to rely more on electric traps, because they do energy damage towards the husks, whereas others just do regular damage or are focused on one of the three elements. You can spy on probably new traps on (Spoiler), which will be coming maybe and deal other elemental damage.

Wooden Floor Spikes (Floor):
+ stops baby husks from jumping
+ does have a slowing effect if leveled because small husks are like stuck on it
+ works great together with a gas trap above for affliction
+ are cheap to build
– do not much damage

Wooden Wall Spikes (Wall):
+ return amount of hits towards the husk hurting it
+ cheap to build
+ an additional defence for blocking walls
– do not hurt husks if they just walk by
– low damage

Wall darts (Wall):
+ Area of effect goes over 3 tiles (they shoot 3 tiles far)
+ work also along slated roofs
+ work also over small walls
+ medium building costs for Trap Heavy Gameplay (Mech Parts = easy obtaines in construction zones)
– medium to low damage to husks
– high building costs for Shooting heavy Gamyeplay (Mech Parts = used for guns a lot)

Retraceable Floor Spikes (Floor):
+ medium to high damage to husks (stronges floor trap)
+ medium building costs for Trap Heavy Playstyle (Mech Parts = easy obtained in construction zones)
– high building costs for Shooting heavy Playstyle (Mech Parts = used for guns a lot)
Freeze Trap (Floor):
+ freezes up to Smashers and stops them
+ in combination with a damage trap (wall darts, electric traps) will do heavy damage /instant kills
+ deals water damage (should)
– heavy building costs in late game (Crystal = used also for shadowshard guns = bottleneck)

Ceiling Zapper (Ceiling):
+ heavy damage trap
+ energy damage
– high building costs for Trap Heavy Playstyle (Powder = used for most traps = bottleneck)
+ medium building costs for Shooting heavy Playstyle (Powder = found in every other stone)
+ low building costs for Farming heavy Playstyle (Powder = more stone farming = more Powder)
– no area of effect (deals damage just within one tile, horizontally and vertically)
+ good standalone trap (if there is not much space to build or a tile right in front of the last wall to the objective)

Ceiling Electric Field (Ceiling):
+ energy damage
+ area of effect, deals damage over 9 tiles (every tile right next to it and stacks if placed several in a row)
– low damage
+ medium building costs for Shooting heavy Playstyle (Powder=found in every other stone)
– high building costs for Trap Heavy Playstlye (Powder = used for most traps = bottleneck)
+ medium good combination with freeze traps
+ good combination with Ceiling zappers if placed (Zapper/Field/Zapper) because of AOE effect
+ medium good combination behind Gas traps (doing more damage after affliction)

Wall Dynamos (Wall):
+ energy damage
+ high damage
+ medium building costs for Trap Heavy Playstyle (Powder = used for most traps = bottleneck)
+ low building costs for Shooting heavy Playstyle (Powder=found in every other stone)
+ good combination with gas traps and low walls

Gas trap (Ceiling):
+ together with wooden floor spikes they afflict enemies and deal damage over time
+ has an area of effect
+ should be placed as first trap in a funnel
– high building costs (herbs = you need to search bushes and flowers)
– does not deal much damage as standalone trap

Ceiling drop trap (Ceiling):
+ has an area of effect over 3 Tiles vertically
+ deals regular damage
+ pushes husks back / down a slope
+ best trap for slated ramps and for securing slated roofs
+ medium crafting costs

Wall launcher (Wall):
+ great for pushing husks back and force them run through the same traps again or make them fly off the map / fly into a pit where they instantly die
+ husks will get fall damage if they fall down high cliffs
– the trap does not much damage
+ medium building costs for trap heavy playstyle (Powder=used for most traps=bottleneck)
+ low building costs for shooting heavy playstyle (Powder = found in every other stone)
+ fun trap, which makes husks fly

Floor launcher (Floor):
+ great for pushing husks back and force them run through the same traps again or make them fly off the map / fly into a pit where they instantly die, when placed with a slated roof or stairs above (see pic)
+ stagger enemies by sending them into the air and slowing them down
– deals not much damage
+ medium building costs for trap heavy playstyle (Powder = used for most traps = bottleneck)
+ low building costs for shooting heavy playstyle (Powder = found in every other stone)
+ fun trap, which makes husks fly
+ can be combined with wall dynamos over 2 floors to deal double damage if no slated roof is placed
+ can shoot husks over low and medium high walls

Wall Lights (Wall):
+ stuns enemies and even charging smashers (=stops them)
+ great for letting husks stay in one spot to give the damage traps time to reload
+ stops smashers (yay) and gives you time to shoot them
– does not deal damage to enemies
+ good combination with damage traps with slow reloading

Patrol ward (Floor):
– as of today it has no use (husks walk through it, it only prevents spawning, but that does not work, because the storm spawns also hurt built floors and therefore this trap gets destroyed before it can really have an affect. Do not bother building it. Maybe it will get a rework since there was a different building preview popping up in a past patch update.

Healing pad (Floor):
+ Heals a certain amount of a player when they walk over it
– long reload times
– does not fully heal a player (most people make a pattern of more than 4 healing traps so they can run over all of them to heal completely)
– high building costs

Cozy Camp Fire (Floor):
+ Heals everyone in the range over a certain time
+ Hels defenders standing next to it
– uses itself up as soon as placed


Understanding minimal Builds per Missiontype

Every Type of mission has a different minimal Build. So, lets go quickly through those minimal buildings.

The Atlas is basically just a 1×1 box, but the game does not allow you to build just a 1×1 box (see X on Pictures). While you can not place straight walls around it, the game allows you to place slated roofs or stairs directly next to the box. Therefore, the atlas gets mostly a basic pyramid build for lower areas and extended builds for medium areas. In higher areas it is best to combine the basic pyramid with funnels to get the husks killed before they reach the pyramid at all. If someone else builds take a minute to figure out what the other player tries to build (by just upgrading), so you wont mess up their build. You will need a Door to activate the atlas, so if you put a basic box make sure to not place traps all around it, otherwise you must destroy a wall and a trap to activate it.

Retrieve the Data (Balloon):
The Retrieve the Data, or short Balloon mission type is tricky. The Balloon itself takes up only a 1×1 Box, where it even allows you to place straight walls on it (unlike the atlas). But the tricky part is, that until it has fully landed a 2×2 tiles area is marked red and does not allow you to build inside, even if you already have found out where the balloon exactly will land. This confuses a lot of player in lower and medium areas and mostly they will build a 2×2 tile box or half pyramid before the balloon lands. This also because the husks will approach as soon as the balloon has landed so you need to be quick in setting up the rest of the walls/floors/ceilings, when you are going for a partial 1×1 build (like the gumby build). If someone else is building, always take a minute to figure out for what build they are going to do, so you wont mess up their build. Since this mission is timed and you do not have to place blueglo or activate it, there is no access needed like a window or a door.

Ride the Lightning (Bus):
The Ride the Lightning is basically an L shape if you watch from above. The two tiles where the bus stands will most likely not be covered by a ceiling (mostly two tiles high walls are sufficient). This makes it necessary to take care of the Lobbers immediately as they appear, so they can not arc-shoot their skulls inside the build. You can put a roof, but for doing so you need to build higher than 3 tiles, which is super inefficient. You do not need to put a Door to access the blueglo deposit. Just make a Wall with a middle window inside, you can put blueglo in and activate the Bus. Also, it will allow you to place a Wall Dynamo trap in front of it, while a Wall with a door does not allow it. Since you must activate the Bus twice (two waves) you will have to leave the window open.

Stormshield Amplifiers:
Stormshield Amplifiers have 5 blocked tiles, which form a plus sign. Compared to the Atlas they do not allow to place slated roofs/stairs right next to the middle tile. So they will always need a bigger build than the basic Atlas build. Also, they have an upper part in the middle which is blocked too, while the atlas does not have that. As soon as the Amplifier is placed you do not need anymore an access point to it and you can basically trap it completely out.

Deliver the Bomb:
The Deliver the bomb mission has a basic blocked to build shape of 3×2 Tiles, which is one tile high. You do not have to build a box around the launcher on top, it won’t get hurt if it gets hit. The moving top launcher also allows to build through it. Building and upgrading is most efficient doing from the outside (on top) than from the inside, sometimes the view for building is blocked (at least on console). For the Bomb Entrance it is best to build an arc and edit it to a middle Window as soon as the bomb has been delivered. Through the window you can place Blueglo and you can activate the Mission, don’t edit a full wall and place a trap you will regret this.

Repair the Shelter / Evacuate the Shelter:
Both Shelters have the same 3×3 Tile size and are 2 Tiles high. You should always place a roof on top since it is quite a big area lobbers can launch their skulls in otherwise. Make sure to leave an access point with a door, since you need to activate it. A window does not work on this build as far as I know.

Defenses around the main Objective (narrow Builds)

In the lower zones of STW (Stonewood, Plankerton) you do not need to funnel much. Most of the time a basic build is fair enough (depending on your Power level). This is why a lot of New Players just place boxes or grids of walls. They stop the husks for a while from approaching, while players can shoot or melee them. However in higher zones it will get more difficult and boxes are not anymore that helpful, so end of Plankerton and start to medium canny valley Players relay on heavy trapping of their boxes / Pyramids. At the end of Canny Valley, you will notice it is better to build further away with funnels (kill the husks before they stand right in front of the main objective). Funnels will be discussed in the next part. This part is about narrow Builds around the objective.

The Basics:

The Box (No traps):

Basic Atlas Plus Sign Box

Extended Atlas Box Build

Basic Ride the lightning box
+ low material cost
+ simple build
+ no trap costs
– mediocre overview over the area by the player (they have to run around it)
– works great for early zones up to certain Power level and/or with high leveled offence players (ninja, soldiers)
– works mediocre for early zones up to a certain Power level while playing with constructor and placing a base which gives electric walls/floors
– will get easily smashed by Smashers (they charge through straight walls easily)
– Propane’s have to be taken out before they are in Range (3 Tiles afar)

The Pyramid & The flat Pyramid (No traps):
+ low material cost
+ simple build
+ no trap costs
+ great view spot and overview for the players (they can run over it instead around it)
– works great for early zones up to certain Power level and/or with high leveled offence players (ninja, soldiers)
– works mediocre for early zones up to a certain Power level while playing with constructor and placing a base which gives electric walls/floors
– will get easily smashed by Smashers (they charge through straight walls easily)
– Propane’s have to be taken out before they are in Range (3 Tiles afar)
+ Smashers will run over it instead of tearing down the walls when they charge at it
+ works great for early zones up to a certain Power level while playing with constructor and placing a base which gives electric walls/floors on top of the pyramid / underneath the little pyramid on top (pro tip: you need to place the little roof first / edit it open / place base / edit it back, you cannot build the little roof when the base is placed).
– will have negative effects if the objective is right next to a slated area / steps

The upside-down Pyramid & The upside-down Pyramid without edges aka the Plus sign (with floor Launchers):
+ medium material cost
+ medium difficulty to build (in lower areas random players will mess it up)
+ medium trap costs (floor Launchers are not very expensive / hard to get usually)
+ works great in every zone (in Higher zones you will need to combine it with funnels)
– the full upside down Pyramid locks off the sight of the players and makes it harder to get around it than the upside down Pyramid without edges. It is better to opt out for the Pyramid without edges (Plus sign on top)
– without funnels in advance the players still need to kill each husk charging for it
+ Smashers will get irritated/stopped by the inverted stairs /slated roofs
+ works also next to slated areas (but not for steps)

Advance Builds:

The Flower (aka Gumby Build):

The Cave Pyramid (aka Allura Build):

The advanced box:
by xPray4Deathx

Funnels further away (offside Builds)

The Basic Funnel (straight):

The zigzag Funnel (zig zag/edge):

The L Shape Funnel (one zig):

The advance L Shape Funnels:
By Aesdotjs

The Stairway (for steps/slated areas and hills):


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Hey everyone I will be doing a giveaway stream on Sunday. To participate you need to have earned enough cookies and be there of course. Prices as seen below on the picture.

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Angry Octopus wants to fight

It has been really quiet on my blog lately. Oh well I was busy, and bla bla bla… nobody is interested in that. I am back for once to share my lately picked up Hobby. I started to crochet Amigurumis. While I am still excercising with already existing Patterns I want to share this Little guy, which slipped out of my creativity, without using a pattern. I can not recall the pattern at this Point. I might will do another few of them to write the pattern down.


Uncharted 3 – Poker Deck

Through the Uncharted 3 Community Group I got inspired to create a Deck of Poker Cards with Uncharted related pictures. I sat down and draw quickly a short L33t Version and colored it. Since I kinda liked it I thought I could do something special for the Aces. I scribbled some items pretty fast down and inked them. The Ring, the dagger and at last the Idol. Since the items were not enough I added a suitable background too. I know on the idol picture you see the guardian, which is related to Uncharted 2 but yeah I kinda like the idea of mixing things from all three Uncharted games.

Here now the galleries to the Card tests and the raw pictures in a bit bigger quality.

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Plaza

It’s been a while since I uploaded the last map layout. I was kinda busy and also a little demotivated. Plaza is one of these DLC maps, which I still don’t like because I am not used to play on it. Well maybe this will change since the Patch notes for 1.13 have been partially published now. The 1.13 Patch will come in August they say… well we will see!

After three tries of scribbling Plaza on one A3 paper I figured out how to draw it so it doesn’t get too big. The distances and angles aren’t completely precise but it gives a clue how the map looks like. I hope I do not have major mistakes on it.